Democrats, party of Anti-, finally realizing they stink

Even Democrats, post-Georgia loss, admit their message isn’t resonating.

And no wonder. The party that wants to be thought of as pro-civil rights, pro-equality, pro-people has turned a corner in recent times, smack into Anti Territory. Ask any fifth-grader what the Democratic Party stands for these days and he or she will tell you: Against Trump.

People are tired of it.

Just ask Jon Ossoff, the guy who was supposed to emerge the winner of Georgia’s special election — the guy who was supposed to trounce Karen Handel, and in so doing, underscore for President Donald Trump the fact his time had come and gone, and now the American voters want him gone.

Ossoff was the referendum for Democrats v. Trump.

But now? Well, Handel won — handily.

Now the day’s headlines are filled with the likes of this, from The New York Times: “After Georgia Election, Democrats Are Demoralized, Again.”

The “again” is a reference to the fact Democrats just can’t score a win lately. Ossoff represents the fourth congressional candidate the party’s seen gone down in flames since Trump’s been elected.

Here’s another, from Fox News: “Is the Democrats’ brand ‘worse than Trump?’ Some party officials admit it is.”

Why yes, yes the Dem brand is on shaky ground. You can’t have leftist gunmen running around, shooting up Republicans, and expect to emerge with happy stickers bestowed by the voters.

It just isn’t done.

At least Democrats are finally admitting they stink.

Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, said the voters he engages with on city buses are “never talking about issues like Russia,” Fox reported.

Well — duh. Nobody cares about the weeds of James Comey and the rabbit holes of Robert Mueller outside of the Beltway. That whole mantra about Trump not being the bona fide president is a creation of the Democrat mind — a fabrication of the left that frankly, is something that provides steady income for media folk and talking heads, but little in the way of interesting dinner chat among the Mainstreet American crowd.

“The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between Democrats and the Trump agenda, which is on economics,” Murphy said on “Morning Joe” recently.

Other Democrats are finally coming forward to agree.

Tim Ryan, for instance, told The New York Times his party’s “brand is worse than Trump. We can’t just run against Trump.”

Quite right.

Democrats don’t wear opposition well. It makes them angry — makes them do things like smash cars, and destroy store windows, and clash with police and injure people. They can’t seem to simply engage in heated discussions. They’ve got to light the matches and start the fires and burn the properties as well.

But more than destroying properties — and as James Hodgkinson showed, shooting Republicans — Democrats are just too far left. They’re not a party of ideas and visions. They’re the party of the torch.

And as for Republicans, the rhetoric may be toxic and the atmosphere dangerous. But the seats seem safe. The farther left Democrats go, the more Republicans get elected. And that’s not entirely a bad position to occupy. Truly, it’s a front seat view of the opposition party’s demise, destruction and downfall.

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  1. Democrats cry for safe spaces at the same time they shoot Republicans and beat them up…The brownshirts are back!

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