Towson University Anti-Trump Rally Turns Anti-White

Towson University – and here, in order to save the Google search, it’s a public school in Towson, Maryland – managed to ratchet the anti-Donald Trump rhetoric further this week, when a walkout turned violent and students and professors alike united with loud protestations against white people

The so-called educators and their so-called educated charges apparently stepped away from their classrooms, offices and dorm rooms en masse and met up in Freedom Square to show their solidarity for All-Things-Not-Trump. And apparently, that list included white people.

Video captured by Campus Reform shows the demonstrators engaging profanity-laced expressions of outrage against Trump.

“At one point,” Campus Reform reported, “a lone Trump supporter was even surrounded by protesters while a female student speaker threatened to fight him.”

The news outlet continued:

“Other students took the opportunity to express their scorn for white people, saying white people should ‘feel guilty’ for the current state of politics and that the protesters ‘don’t care about white feelings.’

“Nonetheless, Taylor James, President of the Towson Student Government Association, insisted Trump supporters were the ones “antagonizing” protesters by wearing Trump shirts.

“‘Stop antagonizing people and instilling hate,’ James told Campus Reform. ‘Even just like, wearing a t-shirt and going up to people and saying things to them…it’s kinda like wearing a swastika on your shirt.'”

So wearing a Trump t-shirt is an antagonistic attack?

This is the logic of the left – freedom of speech is only available to those who express the preferred view. This is what happens when schools stop teaching history, the Constitution and the Founding Fathers, when families stop raising their children with proper regard for morals and virtures, and when children stop considering their actions in terms of the consequences they bring – and in recognition of a God who’s watching.

This is the new America, courtesy Generation Crybaby and their entitled beliefs that go like this: I’m uncomfortable, so it’s your job to make me comfortable.

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