Feb. 23, 2017: Atheists may have won a step forward in one Pennsylvania school district, but here are a couple ideas on how to wage the bigger battle and win (audio only).

Fed. 10, 2017: Let the whitewashing of history continue … Charlottesville, Virginia.,  just picked up that mantra and ran with it (audio only).


Feb. 9, 2017: Say George Soros and politicallly aware think far-left causes. But Soros-tied money has now been linked to members of the Republican Party. Listen to learn the names (audio only).



Feb. 7, 2017: President’s Day looms, and the Democrats, i.e. the Party of Opposition, is preparing to — shall we say — “celebrate,” far-left style (audio only).



Feb. 2, 2017: Such a sad story — but one that will give you pause to thank God for being born an American (audio only).

Jan. 27, 2017: The far left has a new tool to attack and tear down the traditional family in America: Take two minutes to learn this latest add-on to the LGBTQ movement (audio only).

Jan. 26: This is a media bias you can’t afford to ignore. Listen in to learn who CNN just hired to cover President Trump’s administration … (audio only).

Jan. 22, 2017: It’s unbelievable that a college would offer a class on this rap artist … as if the lessons learned from his career are really that notable (audio only).


Jan. 20, 2017: Politics of Speech? Donald Trump don’t play that … the speech police can take a hike (audio only).

Jan. 19, 2017: Talk about blasphemy — this is why churches aren’t resonating with many in America any more. And churches, beware: Jesus is watching (audio only).

Jan. 13, 2017: Want to know why the left thinks the way it does? Here’s a quick explanation of why the left sees America as a racist nation, as gleaned from my first-hand participation as a speaker at an event where pretty much the entire crowd was anti-Donald Trump (audio only).


Jan. 12, 2017: Meryl Streep, enough of your sanctimonious scoldings. Go back to your Hollywood bubble and stay there (audio only).


Jan. 11, 2017: Eric Holder’s going to work for California Democrats to fight Donald Trump on immigration. Hypocrite much? Here’s why (audio only).


Jan. 6, 2017: Obama does love declaring national monuments, does’t he? But sadly, for private property and business owners, his arrogant declarations cause quite a lot of heartache.


Jan. 5, 2017: Gospel singer Kim Burrell is facing backlash for her views on homosexuality, which are rooted in biblical principles. So why is the left demonizing her as a hater?


Dec. 29. 2016: Chicago has a violence problem — that’s for sure. Just check out the statistics over the Christmas weekend regarding gun-related deaths and injuries. But a Second Amendment crackdown is hardly the solution.


Dec. 27, 2016: Riddle: When does the left love the Second Amendment? Answer — Listen here. But here’s a clue: It has to do with Donald Trump’s win of the White House.


Dec. 23, 2016: Warning to Christians for Christmas season: ISIS named thousands of churches its terror members will be targeting this year for attack.


Dec. 22, 2016: National Geographic is using its upcoming issue to advance the cause of transgenderism — by exploiting a child, age 9, who was born a boy but now identifies as a girl. Shameful.