This is how to win a war on racism — not by government intervention, not by the NAACP or Rainbow Coalition, not by far-leftist demands for a social justice that’s rooted in special interest and anger.

Evil: That’s the only way to describe the four blacks who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white male.

Message from a former atheist (yes, it’s me) on Christmas: Happy birthday, Jesus!

The tragedy of a U.S. veteran dying in a Veterans Affairs facility with maggots on his wounds will haunt America for a long time.

This is how the world is: Madonna can sell sex, but since she gives $7.5 million to charity she’s a saint. But Chip and Joanna go to a church that believes in biblical views of homsexuality, and they’re of the devil. What’s wrong with this picture?

A teenage terrorist touting Islamic beliefs attacks at Ohio State University — but it’s not the religion, according to the insane left.

Hampshire College’s president removed the American flag from campus in order to spark discussion about its possible messaging of misogyny, sexism, racism and so forth. More leftist lunacy.

Donald Trump’s been taking some heat for what some say are too-moderate Cabinet picks. But here’s a reason why conservatives shouldn’t lose heart and give up on the Trump administration:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken some unprecedented steps to make sure illegal immigrants find a home in his state, no matter what Donald Trump’s White House might say.

Get ready for more immigration lies from the mainstream media and left-leaning politicians, as they gear up their attacks on Donald Trump. Note to Christians: Believing in the Bible doesn’t mean you have to accept illegal immigration and forced refugee resettlements.


Godless thugs have taken over city streets in some spots in America to protest the election of Donald Trump.


Christian and concerned about the country? Got Election Day jitters — don’t want Hillary but can’t stomach Trump? Take a two-minute listen.



Christians, Trump and America == what’s next, going forward?