A Short Story of God’s Glory …

It was just about two years ago to the day I woke up on the operating table to hear, from my knee surgeon’s own lips: “You’ll never run again.”

It was in follow-up visits he elaborated, Apparently, I’d not only never run again — but I’d also never do Insanity again, never do aerobics again, never do the Stairmaster/Stairstepper again, never even go on long walks again.

Today … just a little while ago … I finished a seven-mile run.

And that was about the umpteenth run I’ve wrapped in the last year … along with some Insanity work-outs, T-25 workouts, aerobics, Stairstepper workouts … and long, long walks.


I think about that phrase often while running.

It’s funny how doctors can tell one thing, and God another — yes?

Stay tuned … 2018 will be the 10th anniversary of yet several other doctors telling me my husband, who lay in a coma in 2008, the victim of a massive heart attack, will not live.

My husband and I still speak about that medical mistake — and God’s sovereignty — to this day. One day, it will be a book and you can read all about it.


Keep that phrase close to your heart. It’s a keeper.

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4 thoughts on “A Short Story of God’s Glory …

  1. Tom Edwards

    Thank you for the reminder and uplift.

  2. Bill

    Praise the LORD!

    ” And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. ” —Luke 18:27 KJV

  3. Lilly Bloom

    Very glad to have found you, CC!!

    Thank you for your work!

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