Hillary Clinton, again, with the misogyny

Hillary Clinton just can’t get it through her head that the reason she lost the White House in 2016 was that she didn’t offer what voters wanted.

Once again, she’s floundering for reasons. Once again, she’s talking up the woman angle.

And once again, she’s pointing fingers away from her own body and toward other sources.

“I’m a, by nature, a reserved person,” Clintonsaid, in an interview with The Washington Post, as noted by The Daily Caller. “I knew that I was ready to do the job. I felt I was qualified, that my experience really gave me the tools that were needed for our country at this point in our history, but I confess I’m not as sure that I conveyed that as strongly as I wish I had.”


Clinton’s problem was that she didn’t communicate well enough with voters — not that her message didn’t resonate or, and this is more to truth, that she didn’t really have any message worth communicating in the first place.

Remember Clinton’s main campaign message?

It went like this: “I’m not Donald Trump,” and that was followed quickly by the “Trump’s supporters are deplorables” line. That was it. In a nutshell.

Honestly, Clinton should’ve purged her presidential fail from her system by now. After all, it’s been a year — it’s been a year filled with interview after interview, followed by her book, “What Happened,” all explaining how the loss was everybody’s fault but her own.

The finger-pointing continues though.

“When I am in a job,” she went on, to The Post, “people like me. I left the State Department with a 69 percent approval rating. … I was reelected resoundingly as senator from New York. I had the experience of being in service to others that corresponded with people and accepting and approving of that, but as a woman, when you come out and say, OK, now I want to serve, all kinds of complex gender-linked attitudes start to generate.”

Again with the woman thing — the now-worn and wearied Clinton tag excuse for losing the election: I’m a woman. I’m the victim of misogyny.

Insert head bang here.

Clinton, take a memo — and please hurry. Voters went with Trump because they were sick of the establishment. And if anyone says establishment, it’s a Clinton.

First appeared at The Washington Times.

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