Donald Trump’s Christian friends in Canada

Just a few days ago, I had the honor of serving as the keynote speaker at the Christian Heritage Party of Canada’s 2017 Convention in Gatineau, Quebec.

And one big takeaway from our neighbors to the north: They absolutely love President Donald Trump.

That’s right — there are plenty of Canadians living in the far left Justin Trudeau era who find solace and take comfort in Trump. And not just any ol’ Canadians. Rather, the very segment of society the media would have believed should hate Trump — the Christian faithful.

Once again, it’s a case of media deception.

All along the campaign trail in America, the media showcased every which way possible Trump as a morally bankrupt misogynist and hater, unloved and unsupported by steadfast Republicans and Christian evangelicals. Fast-foward to today and the media still can’t get it through its head that those of faith actually like this president. They’re still trying to discern the reasons.

The Washington Post in early September took a stab at understanding, with a story headlined this way: “Why most evangelicals don’t condemn Trump.”

The Chicago Tribune in early October tried similarly, with this piece: “Why evangelicals still support Trump.”

And Politico, just a few days later, ran with this: “Why evangelicals love Trump.”

The stories were all aimed at demystifying what has to be one of the left’s most lingering puzzlers — why fully 60 percent of white evangelicals in one September poll gave thumbs-up to the president, why attendees at the recent Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., gave thunderous applause to the White House, why Christians in general aren’t so condemning of the commander-in-chief despite his many human failings.

More to truth, the stories were aimed at finding the dirt.

“Those who have known Trump longest guffaw at his approach to evangelicals and say they believe he is only pandering,” Politico wrote.

“Evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump in overwhelming numbers. Evangelical support for the president remains relatively firm,” the Washington Post wrote. “All of this gets under the skin of President Trump’s critics, who cannot believe that men and women who think of themselves as godly can possibly stomach Trump’s behavior. For such critics, the only possible explanation for evangelicals’ continuing faith in Trump is some combination of ignorance and hypocrisy.”

Ignorance and hypocrisy?

Ignorance and hypocrisy is a Christian believer who votes for, say, a pro-abortion politician — who voted for, say, Hillary Clinton.

The problem with the left, with the leftists who dominate the media, is that they see Christians in the narrowest of terms, at least, when it suits.

For instance, the left’s logic is that a woman of faith should not support Trump because a) he’s been divorced and b) he’s been caught on audio saying repulsive things about women.

But where does the left’s logic go when it’s a case of abortion, one of Christianity’s biggest causes?
The media loves a Nancy Pelosi, and sees no dichotomy in calling her a champion for women’s rights — all women’s rights — despite the fact she supports abortion, yet professes Catholic faith.

Ignorance. Now that’s ignorance and hypocrisy.

So why do American evangelicals love Trump?

Really, for the same reason Canadian Christians regard him well — and this, right from the mouths of Canada’s own Christians: Trump’ss a strong leader with a take-no-prisoners’ approach to tearing down the leftist, progressive, atheistic and Big Government walls that have been erected with astonishing speed around the world in recent years.

Christians know: Where government grows, God oftentimes withers. And that’s the root problem of what ails society, in America, in Canada and elsewhere.

Christians in Canada, weary already of Trudeau and looking forward to ousting him in the next election, see inspiration in Trump. They see someone who’s not afraid to take on the status quo, buck the establishment tide, call a spade a spade — in the loudest and even aggressive of terms, no less — and fight for the rights of the little guy who’s been nothing but trounced by repressive forces for years.

They follow U.S. politics closely. And their big question, their big worry about the future of America’s politics, was this: Is it true what the media says — that Americans, by and large, hate Trump?

And get this. Honestly, the loudest applause of my hour-long speech came when I told them, “No” — when I told them not to believe the media, that the press was largely anti-Trump and had been from the very beginning of his campaign.

Another media deception slashed and crumbled.

And now, from Canada’s Christians to Trump: They love you, they cheer for you and truly, they draw much inspiration and hope for their own country’s change from your White House leadership.

First appeared at The Washington Times.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Christian friends in Canada

  1. Donald R Young

    Honestly Cheryl, Seems to me that from this article, you conclude with the finding that Canadians view of Trump are subjective speculation’s. Understandable given the obvious fact that , Canada is by far a more culturally benevolent environment then the harsh, brutal, savage daily challenges that many people of color face in oppressive, unequaled, bigoted status-quo, dogmatism that’s prevalent in most American Cities. In Short, racial conflict’s are at a very minimum in Canada if hardly at all. Maybe you should put this question to them. If Donald Trump took office their by spreading hate and division among the people, I mean took office by identifying and exploiting the ills in their societies, and using those sensitive and painful sufferings against all sides, would they still be so warm and receptive towards him, after he has done more to irate them, than to elate them?

    1. Ed Mullen

      Don’t you mean race-baiting, divisive Hillary? Trump is builder of a coalition between voters who value protection of life, individual freedom, US Constitution, 2nd Amendment, personal and national security, while respecting taxpayers by reducing taxes and challenging entrenched gov’t spending. He is on track to keep his promises, but needs help to derail leftist sabotage.

      1. Donald Young

        Trump is builder of a coalition between voters who value protection of life,
        Mr. Mullen, have you looked at what Trumps EPA’s Scott Pruitt, has and is doing too proven environmental regulations and safeguard’s?

        Individual freedom, US Constitution, 2nd Amendment. Trump challenges any actions of free of speech, freedom of assembly or organized protest. Their are many news articles documenting his attempts to oppress these constitutional rights.

        Personal and national security.
        Trumps idea of security, to build The Wall, another Iron Curtain closing America off from the world. Russia’s Mr. Putin must have put that sickness in his head.
        While respecting taxpayers by reducing taxes and challenging entrenched gov’t spending. His tax plan has been exposed as a scam, con scheme, that reduces taxes for the rich, by cutting benefits for the working class.

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