Chris Long, NFLer, shows how it’s done

Hey NFL kneelers: This is how you do it.

This is how you fight a cause — press an agenda — push a platform. Effectively, that is.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long’s foundation announced this week that the NFLer’s final ten paychecks in 2017 would be given to charity — and not just any old charities.

Charities that help those in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis access better education.

And lookie here, all ye petulant race-baiting social justice cry-babies of the NFL’s kneeling circles: Long’s already given his first six checks to schools in Charlottesville, Virginia — yes, that Charlottesville, Virginia, the place of anti-Robert E. Lee antifa-fueled violence.

What a concept — putting one’s money where one’s mouth is.

The NFL kneelers may be good at complaining about problems. But when it comes to solving them? Not so good.

Long can serve as a lesson.

“In my tenth year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me the gift,” he said, in a statement. “Educational opportunity and equity are the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in America.”

And just in case you’re wondering — Long doesn’t exactly make peanuts. His base salary this year is $1 million, and as The Wrap noted, he just signed a $4.5 million contract for two more years with the Eagles. As part of that, he also earned a $500,000 signing bonus.

Kudos, Long.

And shame on the kneelers.

First appeared at The Washington Times.

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