Trump Triumph, as Mexico Concedes: Yes, We’ll Take Back Mexican Deportees

President Donald Trump’s insistence on cracking down on U.S. borders, to include deporting those in America who’ve crossed illegally, may be a concerted point of opposition for Democrats and supporters of amnesty, but in Mexico, word is the White House means business – and now, the country’s ambassador has acknowledged his country would be complying on at least one key point.

Mexico Ambassador to the U.S. Carlos Sada just said his government would in fact take back, without argument, any Mexicans who are booted from the United States.

The concession is a significant acknowledgement of the strength of Trump’s immigration plans and comes as the White House, once again, doubled down on the building of a border wall at the ultimate expense of Mexico.

Mexico President Enruiqe Pena Nieto continues to claim his country won’t pay for the wall; Trump, as well as vice president Mike Pence, insist otherwise. Trump most recently said U.S. taxpayers would probably foot the initial construction bill, but that America would be reimbursed “100 percent” for the cost by Mexico. He’s previously suggested similarly, saying the costs could be recouped via trade deals and other financial penalties.

While Mexico continues to see such claims as sour, the government did just cede one immigration point to Trump.

From PJ Media:

“The Trump administration’s draft deportation guidelines prioritize undocumented immigrants with criminal records for removal from the interior of the United States.

“PJM asked the ambassador if the Mexican government would accept all deportations of migrants who have committed crimes while living illegally in the country.

“As long as they are Mexicans, yes. As long as they are not Mexicans, no,” the ambassador said after his meetings at the National Governors Association winter meeting. …

“Mexico’s consul general in San Diego indicated shortly after Trump’s election that the country was preparing for deportations under the new president. ‘We are prepared – our consular network in the United States – to protect the Mexicans and their human rights,’ Marcela Celorio said. ‘And also, in Mexico, we are prepared to take them back.'”

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