Religious Leaders Creating ‘Underground Railroad’ to Hide Illegals

Faith leaders around the nation have been quietly banding together to create an “underground railroad” of sorts to help illegal aliens escape the newly watchful eyes of President Donald Trump’s immigration officers.

The orginal “underground railroad” was actually a secret network of civil rights’ activists and anti-slavery individuals who risked property and life to help slaves in the leadup to the Civil War escape to freedom.

But now that phrase is being reignited and reinvented to refer to illegals.

“It’s hard as a Jew not to think about both all the people who did open their doors and their homes and take risks to safeguard Jews in moments where they were really vulnerable,” said one man, speaking anonymously to CNN about the opening of his own home to shelter illegals. “As well as those that didn’t. We’d like to be the people who did.”

This latest “underground railroad” is being coordinated by a group of faith leaders out of California who hope to spread the network nationwide. And while participants and organizers admit they could be breaking the law, their view is that the human rights of the illegals take priority over legal considerations.

“There’s some element of we’re entering into territory that I don’t know exactly what the consequences are,” the man said to CNN. “But I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don’t act. Like this isn’t a moment to be standing idly by.”

A policy put in place by Barack Obama’s administration demands federal agents respect the walls of a religious institution and not enter without approval. Faith leaders don’t hold much hope that policy will stay put under Trump.

So what they’re doing is setting up safe havens to house the illegals on the sly.

What they’re also doing is exploiting the Fourth Amendment, which compels government officials to obtain warrants before entering homes.

“People will be moving into a place so that ICE can’t find them,” said Rev. Zach Hoover of L.A. Voice, speaking of the network he says is now prepared to shelter hundreds of illegals, the Blaze reported. “[Then] they can stay with their family … they can be with their husbands, so that they can avoid being detained and deported.”

Hoover said it won’t be long before the underground network reaches the level where it can accommodate thousands of aliens.

And he said it’s his religious convictions that are fueling his work.

“I feel really convicted that I anser to God, at the end of the day,” he said, during the CNN interview. “That’s who I’m going to see when I die. And I hope that we can live to who we are.”

Another faith leader, Pastor Ada Valiente, said similarly.

“We’re trusting in God that He would help us, guide us to make the right decision,” Valiente said, to CNN.

Trump rose to White House power on a promise to crack down on open borders and deport criminal aliens. He’s clarified in recent days that his priority isn’t to deport “Dream Act” illegals – those of minor-age who were granted reprieves from deportations under Obama.

But he’s not yet backed off his press for a wall to be built on the southern border with Mexico, or his call for mayors around the nation to quit offering sanctuary shelters for illegals. On that last, Trump has threatened to strip federal funding from those cities that insist on keeping their sanctuary labels.

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3 thoughts on “Religious Leaders Creating ‘Underground Railroad’ to Hide Illegals

  1. James Allen

    I was born in 1958 and if there is one thing I have learned is that the public is not being told everything that is going on. We live in a world now the question of pilot is still being asked what is truth?

  2. GMMtnMan

    I didn’t see any reference to the fact that someone will have to pay to bills to feed these people. We know several organizations have profited from this scam under to Zero administration. I assume that money is no longer available. If those religious organizations really want to help, they should support missionaries who work south of the border.

  3. Joy

    Religious Leaders, supporting illegal aliens are putting their own lives and that of their countrymen in peril!
    Professing themselves wise………they became fools…
    Render under Caesar the things that are Caesar’s….and unto God that which
    is Gods.
    Do not cast your pearls before the Swine.

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