Tolerance, Liberal Style: Kellyanne Conway Struggles to Find D.C. Schools for 4 Kids

Here’s an example of how tolerant the left is: Kellyanne Conway, newly appointed counselor to president-elect Donald Trump, said she’s having difficulty placing her four children in private schools in Washington, D.C., ostensibly due to her appointment in the Republican administration.

In fact, her response to queries at private schools has been chilly at best, various media reports describe.

What a display of tolerance for the left – to take their distaste for Trump and pass it along to the children, the very segment of population liberals love to point to as justification for their Big Government programs. Taxes on the rise? Oh, it’s “for the children,” to pay for social welfare programs. It’s “for the children,” to pay for public schooling. Pay raises for teachers? It’s “for the children,” so they get world-class educuations and world-class instructors. More money for state transportation costs? Oh, it’s “for the children,” so they can travel safely. Government regulations on sugar in soda, styrofoam in serving containers, plastics in baggies, developers and builders in communities, carbon dioxide emissions in cars? Again, “for the children,” it’s all “for the children,” so their futures won’t be compromised.

But Conway’s kids?

Apparently, they can go elsewhere. Conway’s a Republican, and not just any Republican – a much-hated Trump Republican – and the left’s tolerance has its limits, after all.

As the New York Post noted, Conway is “asking everyone with connections to D.C. schools for help” in placing her four children. So far, the response has been “silence and sighs,” she said.

Her statement to the Post: “I would not characterize myself as ‘worried’ so much as amused by the silence and sighs on the other end of the phone when friends and allies have made preliminary inquiries on my behalf.”

Way to go, left. Once again, hat tip to tolerance, liberal style, that seems to go like this: We are tolerant and accepting of all views, lifestyles and opinions – so long as they’re identical to the ones we support.

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  1. Diane

    Did you call any of the schools to see why they turned her down? Or do you just assume it’s political? Real in-depth reporting there . . . . And using the word “ostensibly” is no substitute for doing research.

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