‘ProfessorWatchList’ Launches to Root Out Radical Left in College Classrooms

An activist organization called Turning Point USA has launched a list that outs those professors on American colleges who have been noted in the mainstream media for far-left actions, statements and biases.

Check it out. It’s at ProfessorWatchList.org.

Among its names: Melissa Click, the University of Missouri educator who was captured by video calling for “some muscle” to remove a journalist of conservative bent from a campus protest, and Dr. Charles Angeletti, a self-proclaimed socialist who demanded his students recite a version of the Pledge of Allegiance that painted America as sexist, racist and homophobic.

Also on the list: Brittney Cooper, a Rutgers University assistant professor who blamed Brexit on white racism in a tweet that stated: “White nationalism gone be the death of all of us. #Brexit.” She also said, in another tweet, “the only thing I know that makes white folks vote against their own economic interest is reacism. #Brexit.” And then there was this nugget, a remark she made during an interview with Salon: White people have to realize they’re “the face of the oppressor,” ProfessorWatchList.org found.

The beauty of the site is that it relies on mainstream media for its data.

“This website is an aggregated list of pre-existing news stories that were published by a variety of news organizations throughout the past few years,” the website states. “While we accept tips for new additions on our website, we only publish profiles on incidents that have already been reported somewhere else.”

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