Illegal Immigrants Winning the Sanctuary Love From College Campuses

File this in the category of Now I’ve Heard Everything. But at least two colleges have come forward in recent days to announce to any illegals who happen to drop by: Stay as long as you’d like. We’re your safe haven.

What does this mean?

Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and Wesleyan University and Connecticut have both pledged to become sanctuary campuses for the illegal crowd.

“We steadfastly support all members of our community regardless of their immigration status,” said Johh Kroger, president of Reed, in a recent announcement.

And Michael Roth, president of Wesleyan, said similarly in a November 20 statement.

he wrote: “Across the country, many are calling for their universities to become sanctuary campuses. The model is the ‘sanctuary city,’ like Austin, New York City, Chicago and dozens of other municipalities, which have declared their intention not to cooperate wigh federal officials seeking to deport residents simply because they lack appropriate immigration documentation.”

Other places of higher learning, like Yale University and Harvard University, are considering doing the same.

And as the New York Post reported, students and some faculty at more than 100 colleges around the nation held walk-outs in recent days to protest immigration policies that might lead to the deportations of students.

Has the college class gone off their rocker?

Students are supposed to be learning facts and truths – not how to skirt law, usurp the Constitution and ramrod through special interest agendas that disrupt society.

As Jon Freer, a legal policy analyst with the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Daily Signal:

“A handful of students on some campuses are demanding some sort of campus-wide policy that shields illegal aliens from law enforcement, but mostly it’s just a protest that is unlikely to go anywyere.

“We’ll have to see how this unfolds, but these campuses in many ways are already involved in a relationship with the federal government when it comes to immigration and students, particularly in the case of foreign students. There’s an information sharing process that does take place. I think it will be very difficult for these campuses to shield individuals who are in violation of the law from federal authorities should the government choose to deport somebody.”

But whether these campus-wide shows of solidarity for the illegal crows are simple publicity stunts, genuine attempts to thwart federal law – not to mention the stricter immigration policies that are looming under the incoming Donald Trump’s administration – the fact is, the message they’re sending is damaging.

Remember: today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. The graduates who’ve bought into these Down With Borders campaigns are the same who will enter America’s political systems, armed with intent to overthrow the Constitution – whether they realize and admit it or not.

“If those are public colleges that are providing in-state tuition to illegal aliens without providing the same benefits to out-of-state citizen students, not only are they violating federal immigration law, but they are penalizing Americans for being citizens and following the law,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, to the Daily Signal. “The schools are rewarding those whose first act in coming to America is to break our laws.”

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