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Cheryl is an experienced and inspirational public speaker, and has made dozens of appearances before crowds, both large and small, to talk about politics, culture, media bias and the Freedom of Information Act, the loss of constitutional rights, the role of religion in today’s highly partisan and progressive-minded society, and most importantly, what you as a concerned patriot and American can do about it.

She’s also made hundreds of guest appearances on national, regional and local television and radio shows — from Fox News, CSPAN and Christian Broadcasting Network, to Tammy Bruce radio, Michael Savage radio and Dennis Miller radio — and served as a guest on a variety of Skype and podcast shows. She particularly likes the chance to discuss the latest in current events, from a distinct Christian viewpoint.

For information on how to book for speaking or media events, please email, or text/call 571-217-0006.

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2 thoughts on “Book Cheryl for an Event!

  1. Reuben Glass

    Thank you Cheryl for your debut guest appearance on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, the viewers were unanimous in their positive feedback this evening while I was helping moderate the live chat. I look forward to listening to the show again when I’m not as busy moderating, and hope you will be able to return as a guest soon this year, and made sure to share your website link several times during the interview in chat. Best regards to you and yours, with great appreciation for speaking out boldly in these times we live in. Reuben

    1. Thank you, Reuben, for your kind words and your hard work during the live chat! Doug and Joe are wonderful hosts; the Hagmann & Hagmann Report is definitely one of my favorite shows! And I do hope to come back again … any time. Loved every minute. God bless, you and yours. Cheryl

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